Brighton Gin

70cl bottle: £37.95

Brighton Gin is the very opposite of Gordons and has put great gin back on the map. Made by a small team of fanatics in Brighton in tiny quantities with fresh juniper, orange peel, angelica, lime, milk thistle and other locally sourced organic spices, the flavours jump out – don’t spoil the best gin & tonic you will ever taste with inferior tonic water!

Our Tasting Notes

Clear and bright in the glass, the subtle notes of juniper come to the fore as you swirl,
releasing sweet-scented fresh citrus and a touch of spice. The persistent hints of orange make this gin gentle, approachable and delicious.

Wine Data

Grape variety: N/A
Appellation: Brighton
Alcohol: 40%


A few months ago 5 fanatical friends came together to produce this outstanding gin; Kathy Caton, former restaurateur, Rainbow Lister and broadcaster; Dr. Easy (aka Ian Barry), physicist turned distiller; Helen Chesshire, spirits specialist & drinks PR (formerly in-house at Champagne Pol Roger); Jonathan Ray, drinks editor of the Spectator (and formerly of the Daily Telegraph and GQ) and Nigel Lambe, entrepreneur (Velo, Small Batch Coffee and formerly owner of WJ King Brewery).


Spanish Gin Tonic

The three Camino restaurants in London ( are offering Brighton gin in their Spanish Gin Tonic from this week - our first venue in London! It's delicious - and the orange really works well with Brighton Gin. Here's how:

Spanish Gin Tonic a la Camino using Brighton Gin
Spanish Gin Tonic a la Camino
50ml Brighton Gin
1724 Tonic
4 - 6 triangle bits of orange
long piece of orange peel
1 large gin glass

Fill glass with to the top with ice, add the gin and orange triangles, top with 1724 tonic (3 quarters of the bottle), stir and place orange peel on top.

The Brighton Beach

It’s spring and the sun has at last begun to show a bit of well-turned ankle and we’re starting to dream about heading to our beloved Brighton beach (I mean, who needs sand when you can have shingle?). And so we’ve made sure that our latest Serve of the Month is ideal for such a capricious time of year: long, cool and refreshing in case it’s sunny; warm, spicy and invigorating in case it’s not.

50ml Brighton Gin
King's Ginger Liqueur
Fever Tree Tonic
Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Pour the Brighton Gin into a tall glass. Add a tiny, hint of a whisper of a suspicion of King’s Ginger Liqueur. Top up with Fever Tree Tonic and Fever Tree Ginger Beer – half and half – add some ice, stir briefly and garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime.

Serve with a jaunty straw and expectant grin.

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Henry G. Jeffreys

Wine columnist for The Lady, Empire of Drinks in the Guardian, and contributor to The Spectator

"I really like your gin. It's my favourite of the many many 'boutique' gins I've been sent."