Château de Pellehaut 20 year old Armagnac

70cl bottle: £39.95

Case of 6 70cl bottles: £239.70


A very fine Armagnac indeed ... a complex blend aged in oak barrels with hints of hazelnuts and gingerbread. Great flavours and a deliciously long finish. This is what really good Armagnac is all about.

Our Tasting Notes

Strong hazelnut and gingerbread flavours, yet also complex with other slightly more subtle liquorice and toasted tones.

Wine Data

Grape variety: N/A
Appellation: Armagnac
Alcohol: 40%


Armagnac is France's oldest eau-de-vie with more than 700 years of history. At Château de Pellehaut, the Armagnac is produced from the distillation of white wines using Gascogne still (a continuous single distillation). The distiller works around he clock, day and night, to oversee the slow transformation of the wine into armagnac. On leaving the still, eau-de-vie is placed into 400L oak barrels, "pieces" and stays there for ageing for many years before being commercialised. Château de Pellehaut produces both blended and vintage Armagnacs. They are known to be fine, soft and complex.

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