Château de Pellehaut Armagnac Tasting Selection Gift Box

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The perfect present from Château de Pellehaut - an assortment of 6 of their stunning Armagnacs. The oldest going back to 1986 and the newest of the bunch, an extremely fine authentic white spirit. A top selection and a huge treat for spirit lovers, treat yourself or your friends to this great selection.

Our Tasting Notes

Within this gift box, sample 6 of some of Château de Pellehaut's delicious Armagnacs with a great variety of ages;

Blanche Armagnac - Crystal clear in colour as before barrel ageing, it is bottled for 3 months to maintain this clear and clean appearance. Mainly consumed as a "trou gascon", in cocktails, as a liqueur or simply as an aperitif. Intense nose with very fruity aromas , followed by white flowers and acacia notes. Well balanced on the palette with floral tones and fleshy white fruits . An authentic white spirit of the highest quality. Abv. 44%

Armagnac 5 year old - A blend of several vintages of which the youngest is a 5 year old. A fresh nose, with notes of pink berries and white pepper. On the palette, a sharp attack with great length that brings notes of milk and cream. Gold medal winner at the Paris Concours Agricole 2013. Abv. 40%

Armagnac 10 year old - A blend of several vintages of which the youngest is a 10 year old. This particular Armagnac exhibits wonderful aromas of vanilla and cinnamon. Abv. 40%

Armagnac 20 year old - A blend of several vintages of which the youngest is a 20 year old. Strong hazelnut and gingerbread flavours, yet also complex with other slightly more subtle liquorice and toasted tones. Abv. 40%

Armagnac Reserve de Gaston - A blend of the best barrels of Ugni blanc of more than 20 years old and Folle Blanche more than 10 years old. The Reserve de Gaston will charm you with its 'grapey' aromas; apple and plum crumble with custard. Open and light on the palette and crisp, clean and fruity. The perfect marriage for a chocolate pudding. Gold medal winner at the Paris Concours Agricole. Abv. 42%

Armagnac 1986 - This single vintage will charm you with its aromas of almond and toasted bread. An Armagnac of character, fresh with a long aftertaste. Gold medal winner at the Paris Concours Agricole 2012. Abv. 48.5%

Wine Data

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Armagnac is France's oldest eau-de-vie with more than 700 years of history. At Château de Pellehaut, the Armagnac is produced from the distillation of white wines using Gascogne still (a continuous single distillation). The distiller works around he clock, day and night, to oversee the slow transformation of the wine into brandy. On leaving the still, eau-de-vie is placed into 400L oak barrels, "pieces" and stays there for ageing for many years before being commercialised. Château de Pellehaut produces both blended and vintage Armagnacs. They are known to be fine, soft and complex.

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