En Primeur


En Primeur is the process which allows you to buy fine wines from the greatest vineyards, before they are shipped at discounted rates. You pay the cost of the wine now and then the duty, delivery and VAT when the wine has landed in the UK. It is invariably the cheapest way to stock your cellar and traditionally applies to Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône and Port.

At FromVineyardsDirect we concentrate on the affordable, ‘drinking’ end of the market and sell a deliberately limited selection of the wines that we feel offer the absolute best value for money.

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The weather was near perfect for the 2015 vintage in Burgundy. The Reds are exceptional combining the best of 2005 and 2001 with comparisons being made with the legendary 1929 vintage - they are fabulous wines and we should all buy as much as we can afford.

We are delighted to be offering Whispering Angel and the rest of Sacha Lichine's famous rosés from Château d’Esclans.

The weather and maturity of the grapes confirmed predictions of an exceptional vintage.