Château de Fayolle Rouge, Bergerac 2016


A terrific red from the Bordeaux/Bergerac border. Both the vineyard and Château de Fayolle date from the 1500s, just after 300 years of English Plantagnet rule came to an end in Aquitaine. Château Fayolle's limestone and chalk terroir overlooks the Dordogne River to the north and the Marmant River to the south. A lack of herbicide use and low yields maintain the quality of great winemaking by Jean Gazaniol in oak barrels. We believe this is one of the finest in the Bergerac appellation. A delicious and cost effective alternative to red Bordeaux.


Our Tasting Notes

Luscious flavours from ripe merlot grapes combine with the Cabernets to give the wine real backbone. Barrel aging gives complexity and longevity to make a very decent red which makes its more famous Bordeaux neighbours blush.

Wine Data

Grape variety: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Appellation: Bergerac
Alcohol: 14.5%


The wines of Bergerac, which lie next to Bordeaux, are increasingly seen as a fine and affordable alternative to Bordeaux itself.
Château de Fayolle reduced both the size and yield of its vineyard, to make wines of great delicacy and charm. New head winemaker Jean Gazaniol studied with the renowned Emile Peynaud who is widely credited with revolutionising winemaking in the latter half of the 20th Century.


"If you nip to Bergerac you can find Bordeaux recipe wines like this, with the same swagger for a much friendlier price tag. Made from the two Cabernets and Merlot, this is a cracking, hearty red wine." - Matthew Jukes, DailyMail