Château de la Jaubertie Blanc, Bergerac 2016


The white wine that changed Bergerac, won every award and became the benchmark that other growers aspire to. A blend of Sauvignon, Semillion and a touch of Muscadelle - carefully crafted by master wine-maker Hugh Ryman to make a rich, dry, totally organic white of an exceptionally high caliber. If Jaubertie was in Bordeaux rather than Bergerac….the wine would be at least £5.00 a bottle more.

Our Tasting Notes

Very clear lemon yellow with a nose of citrus and rich fruit. The Semillion gives the wine great depth and fullness, the sauvignon grip & freshness and the muscadeele a hint of wild flowers. Beautifully made.

Wine Data

Grape variety: Muscadelle, Sauvignon, Sémillon
Appellation: N/A
Alcohol: 13.5%


As with Bordeaux, wine making started here with the arrival of the Romans. The wines were originally sold as generic Bordeaux but were obliged to form their own identity when the bounderies were altered in the 19th Century. A wide range of grapes are cultivated here thanks to the variable soil types and great value is to be had from the right producers.


"What a lovely wine this is: a very similar wine to those great white Bordeaux wines of the nearby Graves region, it is a blend of organic Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and a touch of Muscadelle. It is a wine that is about elegance, precision and a certain understatement, the nose is full of keen, ripe lemony fruit but note the nuances of wild flowers, oatmeal and nuttiness with subtle layers of complexity. In the mouth seamless citrus and juicy apple fruitiness, but such a lovely thrust and cut of acidity and rounded, lightly creamy mouth-feel, in a long, poised finish. Extremely elegant. 90/100." - Tom Cannavan,

Concours Agricole Paris 2012, Silver Medal.

Concours Agricole Paris 2012, Silver Medal.