Crémant de Bourgogne, Sainchargny, Émérite 2014


Made from only the first-press juice of top-quality, hand-picked Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this vintage Crémant from Lugny in Burgundy is both delicious and great value for money. The extra bottle age makes a very special glass of fizz which is of far superior quality to cheap champagne…a real treat and at only 11.5% very easy drinking.


Our Tasting Notes

Very fresh with a nose full of fruit. A hint of creamy nuttiness that enlivens the taste buds. This was a sample where we all drank rather than just tasted, it gave us all a lift. Well made from very high quality grapes.

Wine Data

Grape variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Appellation: Crémant de Bourgogne
Alcohol: 11.5%


"As prosecco goes through the roof, people will surely begin to appreciate that a crémant de Bourgogne is five times more delicious than most prosecco, cut-price champagne, or those overhyped English sparkling whites. From Vineyards Direct, who are not paying me to say this, have a fantastic Cave de Lugny 2012 for £13.95. Buy crates of the stuff and watch its value soar." - Freddy Gray, The Spectator

"I simply love it and drink it whenever I get the looks and tastes really fine." - Jonathan Ray, 'Drink More Fizz'

The 2014 Crémant de Bourgogne, Sainchargny Émérite is one of my all-time favourite fizzes and if it isn’t yet one of yours, it darn well should be. It’s an absolute snorter and I’ve recommended it (under its previous name: Cave de Lugny Crémant de Bourgogne Brut Millésime), both in print and, well, yelling from the rooftops, countless times. It really is a model of its kind, produced using the champagne method by the highly-rated Cave de Lugny co-operative near Mâcon in southern Burgundy. Only the finest hand-picked Pinot Noir and Chardonnay is used, some of which is aged in oak before blending. The cuvée, having been assembled, then spends a further 18 months in oak on the lees and the result is as appealing a sparkler as you’ll find anywhere. It’s full of delicious ripe, honeyed fruit, toast and brioche and blessed with a delectably fine mousse. As I’ve said many times to anyone who will listen, I’ve had dozens of champagnes twice the price that don’t taste half as good. £14.95 down from £15.95.