Domaine la Bonnelière, Saumur Champigny 2017


Most Saumur Champigny from the Loire finds its way to the fashionable wine bars and bistros in Paris where it is the affordable everyday red wine of choice. We have managed to divert some to the UK - Domaine La Bonnelière makes one of the best - their 2017 is a delightfully fresh, dry, fruit driven example - just perfect for this spring and summer and great value for money.


Our Tasting Notes

A dusty redcurrant & cranberry nose with delicious fresh & juicy fruit flavours. A very fine Champigny for drinking now and over the next 2-3 years. Roll on the summer.

Wine Data

Grape variety: Cabernet Franc
Appellation: Saumur Champigny
Alcohol: 12.5%


In 1972 André Bonneau and his wife created Domaine de la Bonnelière on the site of the "Caveau St Vincent" with just a few hectares of vine. Anthony and Cédric Bonneau represent the fifth generation of vine growers in this family. Fuelled by their passion for wine, they joined the business in 2000 and the Domaine is now an impressive 40 hectares. All of the work in the vineyard is carried out with quality in mind but not at the expense of the environment which their take great to protect. Using "Méthode Raisonnée" to ensure only the very minimum of treatments are used. The rows between vines are grassed over to ensure protection of the soil and nutrients. In the winery the aim is let the fruit express the "Terroir" and so use of SO2 is kept to a minimum and native yeasts are used where possible. The winery is run with protection of the environment and best interests of the people in mind.


"It is becoming increasingly difficult to find great wines around the tenner mark as our exorbitant Duty tariffs, VAT, punitive exchange rates and ever-growing pressure on retailers’ margins force prices higher and higher. Thankfully, there are still a few styles of wine around the world which appear to be resistant to change and the red Loire category seems to be perpetually unfashionable, which is a great relief for us all. In the old days we would have to wait for a ‘good’ (warm) vintage to ripen the belligerent Cabernet Franc grape enough to make it juicy and gluggable. These days, a dash of global warming and more judicious viticulture means that if you are determined enough you are able to locate decent wines almost every year. This newly released Saumur Champigny, from fifth generation vine growers Anthony and Cédric Bonneau emplots a Méthode Raisonnée régime in the vineyard which ensures that a minimum of chemicals is used. So it’s worthy, affordable and, hold onto your hat, stunningly delicious. The nose is to die for with fresh blackberry juice leading the way and the palate is sleek, slippery, packed with refreshing acidity and desperate for a sunny day and a quick dunk in an ice bucket. All in all, you can give Beaujolais the month off and dive into this dreamy Cabernet Franc. £11.95," - Matthew Jukes,