Drink More Fizz! by Jonathan Ray


Bookcl bottle: £14.95

From the Spectator's highly acclaimed resident wine critic, Jonathan Ray, we are very proud to be stockists of his wonderfully informative new book, 'Drink More Fizz!'. A brilliant guide to 100 of the world's greatest champagnes and sparkling wines. Jonathan provides a fantastic insight into some of the top fizzy wines made worldwide providing accessible and uncomplicated reading.


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(Back blurb) - "In victory or defeat, champagne is the drink of choice. And for every other occasion in life, a bottle of fizz is guaranteed to help you celebrate, commiserate, heal and revive. In this new book, fizz fanatic Jonathan Ray, drinks editor of the Spectator - tells you everything you need to know to pick the perfect bottle of bubbles every time - whether you want a good value pick-me-up, a case to get a party off with a bang, or a bottle of something dazzlingly good for that really special celebration. With tips on the right type of glass to use, a glossary of wine terms, and recipes for champagne cocktails, you will never want to drink anything other than fizz again".