Esterházy Estoras, Zweigelt 2015


75cl bottle: £10.95

Case of 12 75cl bottles: £131.40


Austria is best known for its white wine, but increasingly proves itself as a producer of superior reds. The Zweigelt is an elegant red and a fine example of the typical Austrian variety. Esterházy Estoras, Zweigelt 2015 is rich, smooth, spicy, and especially generously priced, as wines of this depth and complexity at this price are indeed a rarity. Snap some up before everyone finds out!


Our Tasting Notes

Deep ruby-red with violet rim. The nose features heart cherries, blueberries and floral notes of lilac, accompanied by dark chocolate. On the palate dry with mild acidity, smooth tannins and full bodied. On the finish very long and juicy. Perfect with meat dishes (beef, goose, duck), especially good with braised meats, fabulous with goulash and stuffed bell peppers.

Wine Data

Grape variety: Zweigelt
Appellation: Burgenland
Alcohol: 13%


In 700BC, The Celts and their Illyrian predecessors cultivated the primitive vine. Evidence of the vitis vinifera grape pips have been found in former Celtic dwellings in the wine-producing village of Zagersdorf in Burgenland, dating from the Hallstatt cultural period. In 1907 the first Austrian authentic wine law was enforced to prevent counterfeit wine production, which we bring to you today with this great wine. In 1922, Professor Friedrich Zweigelt, Director of the college in Klosterneuburg, successfully crosses the indigenous varieties St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch, and creates Austria's most significant new variety, the Blauer Zweigelt.


"A very dark, purple colour and the nose has that classic, dry, coal-dust and blueberry character of Zweigelt, a lovely creamy and smoky note underpinning and yet floral and kirsch top-notes filling in too. On the palate it is rich and spicy, with a fairly prominent oak influence giving sweet cedar and vanilla, but the savoury and spicy black fruits filling the mouth too. Long, with a chewy tannin depth and good acidity, it's an impressive wine at the modest price and crying out for a steak." - Tom Cannavan,