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We aim to offer you a highly tailored service, designed to completely remove the hassle of organising wine for your wedding so you have one less thing to worry about. We offer a selection of delicious drinking wines at outstanding prices. Specialising in affordable wines from high quality artisanal producers and unique parcels from some of Europe's best vineyards. By sourcing our wines directly from the vineyards and selling them exclusively online, we aim to be at least 20% cheaper than traditional merchants. If you wish to pick up in Calais and avoid UK duty, we can arrange this.


Getting the Best Value


A sad fact of life at many venues is corkage. Though it may often seem easier to simply settle for their wines you should consider that even with corkage you can purchase far better wines than on offer at the venue. Additionally, many venues are willing to negotiate the overall fee, giving you an even better deal, so get haggling!


Allow half a bottle of wine per person, which will give each guest 3 glasses of wine over dinner. As some of your guests may drink less, and some more (it is a celebration after all), it is wise to add a margin of between 10-20%.


As a general rule, you will get 6 glasses per bottle of bubbly. Allowing 2 or 3 glasses for guests on arrival at the reception, with 1 additional glass for each toast, should be plenty.


It’s best to play it safe and serve wines that will suit a variety of tastes. We suggestion to avoid extreme wine styles as they’ll not be to everyone’s taste. The question between Red or White? Our advice is to simply go for a 50/50 split, of course dependent on what you’re serving for dinner. Your 10-20% margin should cover any guest who only drinks one or the other.

First Class Service

We want to make choosing your wines as easy as possible. Each wine on our website carries a comprehensive description, tasting notes, information about the region and of course pricing, allowing you to choose your wines in the comfort of your own home. Though we’re happy to provide some guidance if you’d like. Please contact us and we’ll happily discuss your requirements, budget, style, quantities, etc. We can even arrange a private tasting at our place or yours. You then just choose the wine sand we’ll take care of everything else - liaise with venues, arrange delivery and even brief the caterers on the wines being presented. A really first class service.

Calais Pick Up

For those of you who have really planned ahead and want to make a significant saving on your wine, we offer a collection service for our French wines from Guy Boursot just outside Calais, France. By making this journey you stand to make a per-bottle saving of £2.00 for wines and £2.50 for Champagne, and a per-case saving of £24 for wine, £30 per 12-case/£15 per 6-case for Champagne.

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