Serge Mathieu Brut Tradition NV Magnum


Magnum 150cl bottle: £52.95

Case of 3 Magnum 150cl bottles: £158.85


Discovered in an exclusive Right Bank Paris wine bar, Serge Mathieu's Champagne is a revelation and is what really good Champagne is all about.

2 stars in the Hachette Wine Guide—in our opinion it should be 3. This is a single grower Champagne made from Serge Mathieu's own grapes, using what producer Michel Jacob calls ”borderline organic... winemaking techniques. The price is unbeatable—highly recommended.

Wine Data

Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Appellation: Champagne
Alcohol: 12%


Good Champagne is the most delicious and exhilarating of all aperitifs. Made from the black Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier or Chardonnay grapes and sometimes from as many 200 communes for the bigger brands, the wines must be aged in the bottle for a minimum of 15 months in the deep chalk cellars in and around Epernay and Reims. While 90% of Champagne consumed in the UK is from the big brand Champagne houses, this is not the case in France where much of the market is held by single grower Champagnes rather than the big brands buying in grapes from hundreds of properties