Spectator Mixed Case - December

Case of 1 75cl bottles: £156.40


It’s the music that gets me, the bloody piped music. Christmas carols on an endless loop. It’s a wretched constant, whether one’s in the supermarket, the station, the airport or even — and, good grief, is nowhere safe? — the doctor’s surgery, as I’ve just discovered. ‘How can you stand this?’ I asked the girl in the Santa hat at the supermarket checkout. ‘How can I stand what?’ she replied, glassy-eyed. ‘The music, the bloody music!’ I exclaimed. ‘Oh, that,’ she said with a sigh. ‘I don’t hear it any more. It’s been on for six weeks now and I’ve become immune.’ We looked at each other sadly. I know, I know. I’m a miserable git at Christmas but I can’t help it. Everything winds me up. I’ve just been given my traditional festive talking-to by my ever-loving. The general gist is that if I don’t pull my socks up and join in then she’s off home to her mother. The joke is that her mother is coming to stay here for Christmas. First sign of a cork popping, though, and she’ll be back. At least we agree on that — the vital importance of getting the vino right. I propose that we get stuck into this tip-top offer from our old chums at FromVineyardsDirect and urge you to do likewise. Happy Christmas all!

A brilliant mixed case offer of two bottles of each of the following wines, and at a special price for the Spectator magazine offer. 

Crémant de Bourgogne, Sainchargny, Émérite 2014

Domaine du Bicheron, Mâcon-Péronne 2016

Domaine de l’Ermitage, Menetou-Salon Blanc 2017

Alto Del Obre Reserva, Bodeagas Taron 2005

Petite Sirène de Château Giscours, Bordeaux 2015

Château de l'Abbaye de Saint-Ferme, Bordeaux 2010


Wine Data

Grape variety: N/A
Appellation: N/A
Alcohol: N/A