Castello di Potentino Balaxus, Toscana 2011


Balaxus is a delicious wine made from Alicante (also known as Grenache) from the beautiful Tuscan Estate, Castello di Potentino. Balaxus is the name of an oriental ruby highly prized by the ancients. Aged in French Oak for two years, it has wonderful complexity and delicous freshness. Charlotte Horton has professionally been making wine for 20 years, she has received great praise for her wines over recent years and this is a very fine example at a very good price.


Our Tasting Notes

Characteristics of pomegranate garnet and fresh mountain cherries in its color, aromas and flavors. The texture is detailed and bright, reflecting the volcanic quartz soil and cool, crisp evenings.

Wine Data

Grape variety: Alicante
Appellation: I.G.T Toscana
Alcohol: 14.5%


The term 'Super Tuscan' describes any Tuscan red wine that does not adhere to traditional blending laws. Chianti Classico uses the traditional Tuscan Sangiovese as its dominant grape, blending it with red grapes of lesser character, like Canaiolo and Mammolo, and sometimes the two white grapes, Malvasia and Trebbiano. In the 1970s Piero Antinori, whose family had been making wine for more than 600 years, decided to make a richer wine by eliminating the white grapes, and adding Bordeaux grape varieties (namely Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot). The result was the first Super Tuscan, which he named Tignanello, after the vineyard where the grapes were grown. Other winemakers started experimenting with Super Tuscan blends of their own shortly thereafter.