French Whites

France makes more great wine and in greater variety than any other country in the World. It also defines, classifies and and controls them in more detail and has a longer history of doing so than anywhere else. This is as true of white wine as red. The white wines in particular of Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire and the Rhone are outstanding.

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    Domaine Pichon, Condrieu 2015

    Domaine Pichon, Condrieu 2015

    Rhône / FR
    White Rhône

    Bottle 75 cl £29.95

    Sweet – Bordeaux

    Organic Wine Petit Guiraud, Sauternes 2013

    Petit Guiraud, Sauternes 2013

    Bordeaux / FR
    White Bordeaux

    Bottle 37.5cl Half Bottle cl £13.95