Nicolò Governo all’uso Toscano IGT Toscana Rosso 2016

75cl bottle: £14.95

Case of 12 75cl bottles: £179.40


Nicolò is named after the head of the Bindi Sergardi family and owner of the Estate who remembers wines being vinified like this from his childhood. The wine is made through an ancient Tuscan technique called “Governo” and this is their first ever vintage produced. The Governo method (read below) produces here an exquisite red wine with depth from the combination of two different treatments of the grapes. 

Alessandra Bindi Sergardi Casini explains that “Nicolò” encompasses the essence of Bindi Sergardi - 'Authenticity' due to the expression of a single terroir. 'Integrity' due to its ancient method of vinification and 'Audacity' as this is a modern interpretation of an extremely traditional method of making winemkaing. 


Our Tasting Notes

Intense ruby-red in color. An elegant bouquet with intense dried fruit aromas and floral hints. The “Governo” grants the wine a round palate, a full taste. Well-structured, soft and harmonious, a great return to a wonderful tradition.

Wine Data

Grape variety: Sangiovese
Appellation: IGT Toscana Rosso
Alcohol: 14%


Governo is a winemaking technique reportedly invented in Tuscany in the 14th century to help complete fermentation and stabilize the wine. The technique involves saving a batch of harvested grapes and allowing them to partially dry. If fermentation of the main batch starts to slow or appears to be nearing stuck fermentation, the half dried grapes are added to the must which then gives the yeast cells a new source of sugar to enliven the batch.