Michel Guilleminot

Michel is one of a growing number of artisanal producers known as Récoltants-Manipulants (you may spot the letters RM on the label) who both grow and bottle their own wines, invariably with great character and individuality.

Michel's vines are located in Champagne's southernmost department of the Aube. Here much of Champagne's vigorous, fruity Pinot Noir is grown and indeed it is this variety that gives Guilleminot Champagne its distinctive vibrant, fruity style that has made it a firm favourite of our customers for many years.

The Brut and Rosé are old friends, and in recent years we've added Guilleminot's delicious Cuvée Prestige to the range. This Champagne, released in very small quantities, is Michel's greatest creation, with a complexity to rival wines at double the price!

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